Harper Latter Architects offer a comprehensive service from appointment to completion. Our design team can support and guide you through the process from concept design, planning application submissions, design development, detailed design, building regulation submissions, listed building approvals, co-ordination of works on site, right through to completion of the project.

We have developed systems, procedures and a culture within the practice that achieves outstanding design and satisfied clients. Together with our experience in all aspects of design and construction, we strive to ensure that the building process is as enjoyable and as rewarding as possible for our clients.



Regardless of the size of your project we can tailor our services to your exact needs, requirements and budget.


  1. Outline proposal and brief
  2. Sketch designs
  3. Planning submissions
  4. Design development and detailed design
  5. Production of tender and construction drawings
  6. Tender, negotiation or 'design and build' contracts
  7. On-site construction and administration
  8. Completion

"For the architect during the 'first stage' of design, it is necessary above all else to observe and listen. The design process is not simply the clapping of a solution onto a problem, like a snuffer on a candle, but it is the interaction of two agents in a process of discovery. Unless it is borne out of this dialogue, no work can ever achieve the status of architecture and it can only be a folly" - Colin St John Wilson



Our first priority is to define the clients needs and aspirations for their home or project. By working closely with the client, in a variety of mediums and drawing techniques, such as, sketches, 3d modelling and orthogonal drawings, the 'process of discovery' begins and ideas are born. These sketch designs set up the parameters from which we progress to conversations with the Local Authorities in the form of a pre-application or Full application.

It is fundamental for our team to design in collaboration with not only the client but the entire project team, from design consultants, main contractor, sub-contractors and specialists. To ensure we produce high quality architecture, across all scales, a collaborative approach is key to every project. With an established network of consultants, contractors, specialists and a strong portfolio of up to 200 projects, we have a well-practised team we trust and can resource for every project.